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Margrét Kröyer  ı  artist
About Margrét Kröyer
Margrét Kröyer was born and raised in Akureyri, Northern Iceland. Her parents and grandparents strongly emphasized the arts and a creative lifestyle, with the result of Margrét starting to paint
at very early age. Encouraged by her teachers and family, young Margrét continued painting throughout her school years to successfully earn a college diploma in Fine Arts and a Bachelor degree in Artistic Graphic Design.
In early 2009, only about 1,000 years after the Icelandic captain Erik the Red and his Viking crew, Margrét discovered America, a continent full of great people and opportunities.

For now Margrét is living and working in Akureyri, north of Iceland!
Margrét graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Akureyri Junior Collage.
After a one year stint at the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts in Reykjavik, Margrét returned
to Akureyri to get her Bachelor degree in Artistic Graphic Design in 1996.
She founded her own advertising agency in 2004 and added economic studies and project management to her scope, but kept on painting.

When living in Washington DC, she was an active member and participant of the Art League School
in Alexandria, Virginia, and other renowned institutions. For the first time in her life, Margrét
was dedicated entirely to her art and doing what is an inevitable part of her life--to express her
feelings and energy in the media of colors and forms.

- The Art League, Alexandria, USA 2009-2013, Abstract Painting

- University of Iceland  2008-2009, Project Management, Diploma / IPMA Level-D

- Akureyri School of Visual Art, Iceland 1993-1996. Graphic Design, BA

- Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts, Reykjavik, Iceland 1987-1988, Graphic Design

- Akureyri Junior College, Iceland 1983-1987, Graduated from the Department of Fine Art